Welcome... my name is Robert Farrell. I have been in the online training and marketing business since 1995 and have been teaching marketable software skills here in NYC since 1991. If you are frustrated about how to market and promote your heath and wellness, life coaching business, I would be happy to share my 23 years experience with you and help you meet your goals.

I provide in-depth A-Z video training, skype and chatbot messenger marketing, and growth support for your health wellness life coaching business. My marketing concept is simple. I will share with you how you can offer value to your targeted health wellness life coaching clients.  The bottom line is STOP SELLING AND START ENGAGING. Offer value content and articles that will inspire your clients and educate them on your products or services.

Online marketing can be a can of worms and, at times, there are way too many shiny objects to chase. I cut to the chase and share with you the same techniques I use to grow my own online businesses. Now to be candid ... do I have all the answers? Heck No! Have I made many mistakes over the past 23 years?... heck yeah! I want to keep you on the right track and help you benefit from MY mistakes. I will get you to work smart with my software tools and training videos.

My videos below will provide you a visual step-by-step understanding of how my marketing system works. It's based on niche marketing concepts 101. Example: You can drive traffic with healthy wellness cooking videos or how to workout fitness or yoga wellness videos, etc, etc. Targeted niche videos drive traffic and engage your clients for a pleasant user experience. I suggest several targeted niche websites like, fitness, eating, cooking and wellness holistic food shopping to draw traffic and engage your viewers and clients.

I will also provide you a complete point and click solution to build your own password protected subscription based health wellness life coaching website. You will have access to a complete web solution to upload and add your own health wellness life coach training videos.  I've built and developed a video training platform where your clients can bookmark, search and even write notes under each watched video. You may also choose to offer a follow up quiz after they have watched your life coaching training module. This provides an engaging and positive user experience for your students / clients.

I've done all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on your health wellness life coaching business.  I will also share with you amazing marketing techniques to curate and engage clients. I have a full messenger chatbot videos series included in my marketing tools. Chatbot marketing has an 87% open rate with is much better then email marketing.  When someone interacts with your chatbot you have their complete undivided attention, please watch my chatbot walk thru below for more details.

I will also provide video training and guidance on how to work smart with google, youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedIn and instagram. It will be just like on the job training... I'm here to help you learn and grow every step of the way. Your success is my success. I take great pride in what I do and I enjoy sharing my knowledge for the benefit of others.

Please take your time to watch my videos below which provide many more details... If you have questions, click my contact link below or engage with my chatbot. After 23 years of online marketing. So let's sit back, crack out knuckles, roll up our sleeves, have a beverage and lets get started. I'm anxious to share my time-tested techniques with you. Carpe Diem - Robert

4 Steps Towards Health Wellness Life Coach Marketing Success

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Create a targeted content rich website. You'll gain access to a complete Wordpress based point and click system with tons of premium themes, plugins and back-end training videos. Choose from my own designs or drop and drag and create your own using my step-by-step how to videos. I've done all the heavy lifting for so you can have your website up and ready to go in less than 20 minutes.

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